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Professional Mediation Service

An administrative fee of HK$2,000 will be charged to the party(ies) of mediator cases referred by the HKMC. Mediators on the panel of HKMC usually charge the parties on hourly rate. Hourly rates may vary from one mediator to another, from one to several thousand Hong Kong dollars, depending on the mediator experience and the nature of the mediation case, etc. In some cases, mediators may agree with parties to accept a fixed fee - fixed time payment.

How to apply for mediation services?

Fees and Charges
The above fees and charges can be equally shared or shared according to parties’ own agreement.
The paid administrative fee will not be refunded.
HKMC will recommend the appropriate mediators for all parties’ considerations one by one (maximum 3 mediators).
HKMC reserves the right of final decision.
The mediator is an impartial person who will not give any legal or other professional advices to any parties, as well as imposing a decision on the parties.
The mediator may arrange a preliminary meeting. All parties should sign on the “Agreement to mediate” before the mediation session in order to show their agreement towards mediation.
If the participant is the representative of an organization, an authorization letter should be shown during the mediation session.

Professional Mediation Service Form (English) or (Chinese)


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