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About Us

Hong Kong Mediation Centre (HKMC) was established in 1999. We are the first non-profit mediation institution with charitable status in Hong Kong and have been committed to promote mediation for more than a decade. Currently there are near 800 General Accredited Mediators in HKMC. They are a group of professionals in various fields such as Health Care, Education, Legal, Social Welfare, Industrial and Commercial, Construction and Engineering, who are committed in the promotion of mediation to resolve disputes in Hong Kong. For the past years, HKMC has actively collaborated with over 30 local and overseas mediation and arbitration institutions to promote mediation all over the world which helps enhance the reputation and international status of Hong Kong in mediation.

HKMC mainly concentrates on the development of mediation services, particularly in community mediation, to further promote mediation in the community through education and publicity. Besides, in order to cater for various needs of the public, HKMC provides Cantonese and English mediation.

HKMC is composed of Council, various Committees and Secretariat. The Council is responsible to formulate HKMC’s policy, direction and make important decisions. The Council consists of various committees and working groups, such as Continuing Professional Development & Member Services Committee, Assessment & Accreditation Committee, Education & Professional Training Committee, Finance Committee, Community Mediation Service Committee, Disciplinary Committee, Membership Committee and Hong Kong China Mediation Expert Committee etc. Each committee is accountable to the Council and assists in implementation of the policy. The Secretariat is responsible for HKMC’s daily operation management, giving advice and assistance to Council, executing Council’s resolutions and coordinating the work of all Committees.

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